Digital Network

The Company is engaged in the distribution of communications and electronics equipment as well as provides integrated businesses in digital network and solution. Since 2017, the Company has transformed the business into a full digital service such as Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) services and Co-Tower rentals for Mobile Operators in the Nationwide National Parks in collaboration with CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (Currently, CAT Telecom Public Co., Ltd. has been merged with TOT Public Co., Ltd. into National Telecom Public Co., Ltd.). The Company still focuses on doing business with recurring income.

    • Samart Digital Plc.

    • Thai Base Station Co., Ltd.

Digital Content

The Company provides varieties of most updated information, news and edutainment contents that address to everyone’s need and fit with their lifestyles in the form of voice and non-voice including Multimedia in various forms of VDO Streaming, Real-time Service, and One-on-One Service through multi-channel communication devices. The sample of services are sports update reporting and fortune – teller and horoscope.

    • Samart Digital Media Co., Ltd.

    • LUCKY HENG HENG Co., Ltd.

    • I-Sport Co., Ltd.